Copag Plastic Doppelbridge, Master

Copag Plastic Doppelbridge, Master Promotion! Aktion!

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COPAG, 1 A Pokerkarten, 100 % PVC / Wasserfest und sehr Langlebig Doppel Bridge MASTER - Plastik Karten  PVC = 100 % Wasserfest !

Doppel Bridge Master / Pokerkarten 100 % PVC / Plastic

Marke: COPAG
Edition: Doppel Bridge Master Edition
Anzahl Decks: 2
Azahl Karten: 2 x 54 / inkl. 4 Joker
Art: Poker Size
Index: Big Index
Material: 100 % PVC / Wasserfest
Kartengrösse: 89 x 57 mm / Standard Size / 2.25" x 3.5" inch
Kartenrücken: rot + schwarz / gemustert
Verpackung: Cellux Volleinschlag und Doppel Plastik Kartenbox
Art. N°.:


COPAG's Master Series plastic playing cards feature a traditional, classic design. These cards are made out of 100% plastic
so they will last up to 50 times longer than cheap playing cards. Spill your drink, just wash them up with cold water !
Enjoy the look and feel of a high quality plastic playing card set and stop playing with those old worn out dimestore cards.

COPAG cards look and feel like the real casino cards for a good reason. Casinos around the world use COPAG cards for their
poker rooms because they last longer, play better and provide the best value per played hand. Step up your average home
poker night with a set of professional quality plastic playing cards from COPAG today.

Copag Master, 100% PVC / Plastic Karten, Aktion