Musik: Back to Earth

000.040 - FIRST von Back to Earth, 1990

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First from BACK TO EARTH


You know, it's always been hard for me to express in words what I want to tell
you. But I think somehow you know how I feel for you. In special moments like
this we are very close. I feel like I'm in heaven and I hope that you do too. And
therefore I wrote this song. I don't like to babble about love. I live to see it all
with you. Every day and every night. You know I express my love in music - not
in words. Therefore I sat down at my piano and wrote a song. This one is
special - it is one for you.

 01. Flying over the clouds 4.17
 02. Back to Earth 4.21
 03. The new Day 3.58
 04. Heureka 5.53
 05. Bird on a Beach 3.57
 06. For you 3.46
 07. Breakfast in Vienna 4.15
 08. Out in the Green 4.20
 09. Tired of walking 3.47
 10. Living in Balance 4.22
 11. Song for Helga 3.21
 12. 42nd Street Club 4.03
 13. Between Heaven and Earth 3.12
 14. Mystery in the Dark 5.56
 15. Miss you 3.47
 16. A Friday Night in June 4.02
 17. Mona Lisa 3.32
 18. All alone 2.05