000.038 - FROM DEEP INSIDE von Back to Earth, 1994

000.038 - FROM DEEP INSIDE von Back to Earth, 1994

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DRAGI IVKOVIC: accoustic and electric guitars
MICHAEL "MIPS" STRUETT: soprano & altosaxophone
MARKUS HASLER: accoustic guitar

Dieses Album haben wir unseren lieben Eltern gewidmet,
die im September 1993 ihren 50sten Hochzeitstag feiern konnten.

It took about two years to come to this new collection of songs. It seems like a
long time, but we didn't want to produce just another CD, instead, we wanted
to create something heartfelt, something which is in a true sense inspired by
emotions...someting from deep inside... In two years people normally change
in different ways. The music you are going to hear also varied over the time.
To us, the music is like a diary which reflects our emotions and our feelings.
We'd like you to listen to these songs with open heart, open mind and open
soul. You may relax, dream or even move to them: but let your emotions flow,
inside yourself, there is an unlimited imagination.

 01. For the two of us 3.50
 02. Silent sea 5.18
 03. From deep inside 4.10
 04. Yin & yang 8.31
 05. (fly) towards the inner eye 4.01
 06. Phases of the moon 6.13
 07. Under the african sky 5.56
 08. The call of silence 4.40

 09. The night morning came too soon 5.15
 10. Pour la cause des femmes 4.58
 11. The rhythm of romance 4.12
 12. The smile in your eyes 4.15
 13. Whispered dreams 3.52
 14. Earthwinds 6.44 
 15. From deep inside (reprise) 2.47